It is, by common consent, a good thing for people to get back to nature-Aldo Leopold



Five (5) trustees will be nominated in November and elected in December (the year their term is up), to serve the following terms; three (3) trustees for three (3) years and two (2) for two (2) years. 

Current Trustees:

  • Steve Lyons (2 year term) 2017-2019
  • Debbie Cairns (2 year term) 2017-2019
  • Terry Lane (3 year term) 2017-2020
  • Don Johnson (3 year term) 2017-2020
  • Mike Sanback (3 year term) 2017-2020



Each year members will elect a president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and a recording secretary, and may elect other such officers as the membership may deem appropriate from time to time. Officers will be nominated at the November meeting, voted on at the December meeting, and take office in January.  


Bill Zintman

(906) 361-5999

Vice President

Dave Durocher

(906) 362-3825


Dan Rademacher

(517) 242-2391

Recording Secretary

Jeff Stevenson

(906) 235-8774



  • By-Laws
  • Predator Challenge
  • Range
  • Grounds
  • Building
  • Food
  • PR/Information (Outreach)


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